The Film

Twittamentary looks at how lives connect and intersect within the Twitter community as the real-time web accelerates serendipity. Bonds are forged as a result of unexpected encounters between strangers as they share moments of their lives in real time.

The film is created in the open spirit of the Web. Twitter users have been invited to contribute story ideas, rich media and videos to the film via the movie’s initial submissions website . The launch of this website in August 2009 soon led to a whirlwind road trip across USA, where the filmmaker interviewed a wide range of Twitter'ers, from a travel journalist turned "twilebrity" to a homeless women who uses twitter from a public library to a prostitute who uses twitter as her personal GPS. Teaser #1 : http://youtu.be/SrmCex6-wbI

The Filmmaker

Tan Siok Siok is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and honorary geek with a deep passion for great storytelling in the age of the real time web.

Siok’s latest film project is Twittamentary, a documentary about Twitter, the popular microblogging tool. Leveraging the power of social media, Siok crowd-sources the stories and videos for the project.

Siok is also an entrepreneur who has built Kinetic ONE, an online video venture in China focused on sports, music and youth culture. Siok previously worked as an executive producer for Discovery Channel in Asia. The shows she produced have clinched more than a dozen awards and nominations at the Asian TV awards and the Golden Bell Awards. Siok has also been a visiting lecturer at the Beijing Film Academy, where she directed a documentary about the Beijing Olympics, Boomtown Beijing with the assistance of her students. Siok holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honors) in Comparative Literature from Brown University, USA.

The Process

This film is not just another film about a social network. Rather than utilizing shareholders or celebrity endorsers, Twittamentary has been made by leveraging the power of Twitter with stories, actors, production and preview screenings provided and organised by Twitter users:

  • The movie is comprised of stories gathered via Twitter
  • The final stories were chosen using feedback on the web via Twitter
  • The contributors were filmed on a road trip from NY – Chicago – LA: with a production crew sourced via Twitter
  • Social Media users are interacting with - and shaping the narrative - via Twitter at live beta screening Tweetups
  • Virtual beta screenings are “unlocked” on this site with every 1,000 new followers of @Twittamentary on Twitter.
  • After this final round of crowd sourced feedback we’ll have a final cut ready to premier later in the year
  • Promotion will primarily be via... :-)

In Chicago, for instance, Twitter'ers essentially coordinated the entire shoot in real time, pointing the film makers to the events and stories worth covering. Now that the film is nearing completion, Twitter'ers around the world have come forward, offering to set up preview screenings of the film. Preview screenings to date in New York, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur have all been oversubscribed. Please check the screenings page for the latest schedule of upcoming screenings.

The #Twittamentary timeline on Twitter can be viewed here:  http://twitter.com/#!/search/twittamentary

The Cast of Characters (In Order of Appearance): 

@geogeller Geo Geller, Artist
@williger Darren Williger, Sales Professional
@adventuregirl Stephanie Michaels, Travel Journalist
@davidavdavid David Blumenstein, Offline Anarchist
@fuzheado Andrew Lih,  Journalism Professor USC
@ihatemornings Benjamin Walker, Songwriter
@jkrums Janis Krums, Miracle on the Hudson River Photo Guy
@shelisrael Shel Israel, Author, Twitterville
@RSYamilio Restaurant Floor Manager
@JeffPulver Jeff Pulver, Creator, 140 Characters Conference
@Krochmal Mo Krochmal, Online Journalist
@lizstrauss Liz Strauss, Brand Strategist
@Interactive Amy Amy Korin, Social Media Consultant
@Ramon_DeLeon Ramon De Leon, Operating Partner, Domino's Pizza Chicago
@cruiter Mike DwyerImprov Comedian
@ReganPTX Richard Regan, Trader
@AllanSchoenberg Allan Schoenberg, Corp Comms Director, CME Group
@padschicago Anne Marie Walsh, Homeless
@ChicagoJulia Julia Saucier, Student
@ChicagoDiane Diane Saucier, Technology Company Executive
@TruckerDesiree Desiree Woods, Truck Driver
@TruckinDogKarma Desiree's dog
@PaulSwansen Paul Swansen, Media Professional
@Mika_Tan Mika Tan, Porn Star and Sex Worker
@MarshaCollier Marsha Collier, Author
@HeatherMeeker Heather Meeker, Marketing Professional
@hardlynormal Mark Horvath, Homeless Advocate
@marlooz Marloes Veldhuizen
 @thatdrew Geek and Cancer Survivor
@hankwasiak  Hank Wasiak, Owner, Advertising Agency
@slackmistress Nina Bargiel, TV Writer & Transmedia Producer
@AriannaHuff Arianna Huffington, CoFounder and Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post
@blazingbetta Sarah Cashmore, PhD Student
@mactonnies Writer

If you're in the movie and aren't on this list (and would like to be) please DM us @Twittamentary !


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