Screening Guideline

Twittamentary is best experienced as a social screening, i.e. with other people, either in person or virtually. If you’d like to screen Twittamentary for a group of friends or colleagues we’ll be very happy to help. We’ll also add the event to the open calendar to enable others including the cast and crew to tweet along and provide you with the full Twittamentary experience.

The guidelines for screenings are fairly simple:


In person (or In Real Life) screenings can take place just about anywhere you like (school, office, RV, theatre, beach) as long as you can provide a couple of things. For the full twittamentary experience, duo-projection is required, one screen for the movie and one for the live twitter wall ( and are both good options). You’ll also want decent bandwidth (2mb/sec+) available for streaming – and maybe wifi for participants who are worried about their mobile data bill. By the way, if the screening's InRealLife, please do tweet out a picture.

Alternatively, if you and your audience are all sharing the experience virtually, there’s an option to watch in dual screen mode on the screening page or alternatively audience members can simply run twitter on a second screen like a tablet or smart phone.

Screening Costs:

InRealLife Community Screenings: No screening fee will be charged to organisers as long as audience entry is free of charge. 

Virtual Community Screenings: All viewers pay a standard pay-per-view ticket price. If you share the film via your website or blog you'll also share in any ticket sales for the screening. 


Your audience should be actively encouraged to share the experience via twitter as they watch; it is a social screening after all.

  • Send out a tweet as soon as the movie commences including #twittamentary hashtag and any other hashtag you might be using for the screening 
  • Please remind the audience to use the #twittamentary hastag (spelt with an “a”) during the screening
  • If you’d like to introduce the cast to your audience their handles are here
  • We can provide a list of commentary tweets (some of which you may wish to tweet out to your audience during the screening) on request
  • We suggest that you tweet a countdown to the start of the screening. A good schedule is 30 & 5 minutes before screening and again just as screening commences - please remember to include the #twittamentary hashtag!


Storify: (

Using Storify at the end of the screening is a fantastic way to provide your audience with a summary of their Twittamentary experience and we encourage it at every screening we do. Once you’ve set up an account it is easy to drag and drop selected tweets from the timeline into the Storify story. Tweetbot (twitter app for iOS devices) even has a Storify export option. All twitter handles mentioned in your story will automatically be notified via twitter.


All you need to do is...

To book a screening and have it listed on the open calendar please send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - stating:

Subject: Screening in <City/Country> for <company/club/group/association>


  • Who the screening is for and when you plan to screen it
  • Estimated number of people that will join the screening
  • Any other questions or assistance that you need from us
  • For InRealLife events please provide an attendee e-mail list (if possible)

Once you submit your details we will verify them as quickly as possible, notify you by email, and add the screening info to the calendar on If you can give us at least a week or two’s advance notice of your screening it will great enhance our ability to assist you with it.

Thank you for your participation in creating and sharing the Twittamentary experience!

Standard terms and conditions:

Please note that Twittamentary is held under a Creative Commons license whereby pirating/downloading of the video and uploading it online are not permitted.